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Update - Pictures of my baby girl

2013-12-20 22:42:29 by Fro

I had posted a news post that I was having a baby girl not too long ago and figured I'd show some of the people I use to talk to on her a more "updated" picture of her out of the womb. :P


Also, my better half has become a stay at home mom, but in doing so she had to give up her dream of going back to college. She has set up a donation page to help us make enough to get her back on the right track. If you see it in your hearts please help out. Aurora


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2013-12-20 22:48:03

That's a baby alright.

Fro responds:

That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me.


2013-12-20 22:56:06

Awe! So Cute.

Fro responds:

Thank you.


2013-12-21 01:48:17

Beautiful child. Best of luck to your wife.

Fro responds:



2013-12-21 06:30:10

Those eyes are hypnotically beautiful, man. Congratulations!

I would spam exclamation marks showing how my cutesy-wutesy side has suddenly kicked in after seeing your child, but know that I'm feeling uplifted by seeing this right now.

Anyway, I hope she grows up to be a success and take care of yourself (tell your wife that she has an awesome looking baby). If I can, I'll try and donate something to your cause, too.


Fro responds:

She has my eyes! If you can donate thanks, if not even sharing it around so maybe someone else can. Even a dollar or two would help. (I don't know if there is a minimum)


2013-12-21 07:39:44

Beautiful child, beautiful wife, you're ugly as sin.... Good luck with everything! <3

Fro responds:

Yeah, I got lucky there. I've hid her glasses, I don't think she truly knows how ugly I am.


2013-12-21 13:34:09

That's a beautiful baby! That "Sup" look

Fro responds:



2013-12-24 17:14:21

Cool kid, neat wife. Best of luck with everything my friend. :)

(Updated ) Fro responds:

Thank you, you too!


2013-12-28 12:21:05

nice fedora


Fro responds:

Omg thanks


2013-12-31 22:17:16


Fro responds:

Thank you