Lots of busy things happening

2014-07-21 10:40:09 by Fro

I'm moving on August 1st to a bigger place, my daughter is turning 1 in two days, and I'm going to cape cod for vacation in a few weeks.

I have been trying to downsize a little to make the move easier. Would anyone be interested in buying some of my newgrounds toys? I have a tank man, several knights, peni corn, and several other things you can check out in my purchases. If not they'll make good decorations in my new man cave.


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2014-07-21 13:13:53

as much as i would like to take those things off your hands, i cannot. but hey! sounds like some great things are happening! cheers, man!

Fro responds:



2014-07-21 22:04:34

Hey Fro. Nice to see some news. Wow! You already have a 1 year old daughter? That's nice! Btw, can you please remove me from the credits of that John Madden Commentary movie? :P Thanks. Happy birthday in advance for your daughter!

Fro responds:

I'm telling you I don't have a computer and it won't let me remove someone on my iPad!


2014-07-22 15:08:02

Haha that's ok