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Starting a Man Cave Business

2014-08-07 23:39:25 by Fro

I'm starting a man cave furniture and decor business as a second job/hobby out of my basement where I refinish older furniture and build some of my own originals/make decor such as signs and whatnot. I have a name already, Man Cave Mayhem, but just couldn't quite think of a proper slogan. I need some help coming up with one, that's where you come in.


In this format:


Man Cave Mayhem: Go ahead and buy it, she's going to bitch either way!

Man Cave Mayhem: The only place she isn't always right!

Man Cave Mayhem: Release the man inside!


What's your best slogan?


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2014-08-08 00:49:04

3rd slogans better, but the 1st one would get tons of attention

Fro responds:

I should have worded it better, I actually wanted you guys to come up with names


2014-08-08 00:58:23

1st or 2nd. The third one is eh.

Fro responds:

I should have worded it better, I actually wanted you guys to come up with names


2014-08-08 03:07:32

If it was my idea, I would have RELEASE YOUR INNER MANLINESS, but its not. I would choose the 3rd one!

Fro responds:

Well I am asking for you guys to come up with them not choose one


2014-08-08 03:49:44

The 1st one. It's funny.

Fro responds:

My wife didn't think so sadly so I don't know if I can get away with it without being in my man cave


2014-08-08 04:56:52

The third one sounds slightly homoerotic.

Fro responds:

A little bit, you're right


2014-08-08 05:42:35

Man Cave Mayhem: Regain Your Freedom!

Fro responds:

I like it


2014-08-08 09:39:43

: A man cave, that men crave.
: The elbowroom you deserve.

Fro responds:



2014-08-08 15:17:58

Man Cave Mayhem: A grown man's playpen!

..literally nothing rhymes with mayhem.

Fro responds:

Ha, I know, but I like the way mayhem rolls of the tongue


2014-08-08 22:46:08

Haha, "Man Cave" in general sounds homoerotic.

But I digress...

Man Cave Mayhem: We'll rip apart your basement!
Man Cave Mayhem: Beat your den into submission!
Man Cave Mayhem: We use our fists as hammers!
Man Cave Mayhem: Give your house some balls!
Man Cave Mayhem: Because an XBox needs a home, too!
Man Cave Mayhem: Creative destruction
Man Cave Mayhem: She hasn't won yet!
Man Cave Mayhem: The fort you always WISHED you had!
Man Cave Mayhem: Fixing your house (lol)
Man Cave Mayhem: Because marriage requires a barracks

Fro responds:

I love some of these a lot, she even agreed on the balls one


2014-08-09 09:10:35

Man Cave Mayhem: You're not a bitch are you? Shop here dammit.

Fro responds:

Kind of wordy, but truth nonetheless