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I'll buy you a supporter status (CA and TX only)

Posted by Fro - November 20th, 2017

There's going to be a lot of updates in this newspost, but I'll start with what probably brought you here, the title of my news post. I'd like to buy you a supporter status for a month, but only if you do something for me first. Yeah, yeah, there's always a catch huh?

Wait, why is this only available to people in California and Texas? Well it's not... people in Canada can participate as well, but it's only going to be a select few who can. Ok, here's the information down below.

I do this thing called Ohm Connect. It involves attaching your electric company to this sister company. When the electric company is going to lose money during specefic times of the week because of high usage they pay this sister company to organize their customers to cut back. You can find more information on my blog (I haven't kept it up to date as of lately, but it gives a basic description and a couple of stories of how I beat my forecast) and their page, but simply put, you attach your electric company for free, shut your lights and TV off during an hour every week, get paid money for beating your forecast. So far I've made $120 in the three months that I've participated and it's pretty simple because we usually aren't home when the hours are run.

It's only available to the following though:

California users with PG&E (Pacific Gas & Electric), SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric) or SCE (Southern California Edison)
Texas users with Smart Meter Texas
Ontario users with Toronto Hydro

So I still haven't explained how you get me to buy you a supporter status have I? If you qualify for this program and you sign up under my referral link, attach your electric company succesffuly, I'll buy you a month of supporter status. Whether you actually participate after that I don't really care too much, but I do encourage it because it's a simple way to save money and get paid to do it. No catches, no costs, nothing.

I might not get anyone, but I figured it's worth a shot.


If you want to help me make a little bit of spending money for Christmas you can also check out my blog posts here for an app that I use to make money playing games on my phone. This app virtually pays you to paypal based off of how many hours you play the games/apps they provide. I currently get paid to use my amazon app, ebay app, and mutliple games that I let play during the entire work day in the background while I'm at work. It's cool, but it's only worth about $20 a month to me. Still worth it though, $20 for games I'd probably be playing anyway without the app. 


On to some newgrounds news. I'm trying to organize some ideas for writing competitions on newgrounds. My plan is to make them monthly starting with the new year. Tom Fulp has agreed to make them events on the calendar and to give supporter status as a reward. If you have any ideas for competitions please feel free to share them in the following thread:


Even if you could wanted to help judge, format, come up with ideas, any input is helpful!

Comments (1)

how would you know if they arent just going to lie that they use those companies?

Because when they sign up with the referral link and connect their electric company I get paid. I was going to use that money to buy people supporter statuses, but it's old news now, nobody was interested.

I did sign up 8 people outside of newgrounds though for a nice $160 bonus. Helped with Christmas gifts.