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What a weekend...

Posted by Fro - 1 month ago

What a heck of a weekend. It started with a man who was in a bad motorcycle accident walking into my house in the middle of the night and me dealing with a stressfull situation for several hours until he was taken care of and out of my house. I talk about it a little bit in the below thread:


I got little sleep because of how this threw my sleep pattern off, but I'll figure that out over the course of the week.

I'm having trouble with the DMV who keeps messing up my registration information with clerical errors and mistakes. I've gone several months now without a renewed registration that they can't renew because they entered my original registration incorrectly. The computer shows that I have a registration, but I don't have a registration at the same time. They can't renew my expired registration that it tells them I have to renew because of my non existant registration. 

I was to check in for the entire week for Jury Duty, but never picked. Yay for small victories, but since I work for the government it really wouldn't have been too bad because I get paid my full 8 hours every day that I miss work for jury duty. I was thankful at the end of the week though because of my spouse being out of town and me playing single dad for the week.

My spouse accidently left their phone 3,000 miles away from our house when she was out of state and our TV blew it's backlight all at the same time. Things that will probably go a good year before we fix or replace because of our income to expense ratio. I gave her my cellphone until it's figured out though. I don't really use it anyway.

So yeah, a lot of small petty things that piled up all at the same time. It's drained me, going to work is hard.. I just want to sleep for a week to catch up, but I keep on grinding away. My boss covered a tamale order for me that we had placed to help make up for the weekend I had. I'm highly thankful, he didn't have to do anything, but the gesture was nice.

The thanksgiving holiday will hopefully bring some rest. I think we are going to just order out this year and forget about all the prep that can come along with the holiday.


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Oh wow, that's super stressful. Oh well, just think about the future and try to relax. And also you have a cool story about everything going wrong now, so yeah.

At the end of the day the only really stressful thing was the complete stranger in my house. The other things were just tiny, petty thing that seemed super bad just being piled on top of one stressful event.

Oh man, pretty intense life and times lately! From the Uber chronicles and on to this... seems life just doesn't get any slower over there. I seem to recall you working at a school before though? New job? Or just new wording?

I still work for the same state university.

Ah. Got it.