Pyroscape 4 News

2017-10-11 22:40:54 by Fro

Check out the Pyroscape 4 trailer video. I can't give an accurate release date yet, but I'm told by the programmer that the game should be done before the end of the world. That's great news because that's probably going to be soon!


What's Pyroscape? Play the first 3 games, get some medals and slam your head against whatever hard object may be near you. You're going to love them! (The games can be found in my games) The series is a live action video, mixed with minigames. This will be the last one in the series.


@MonoFlauta - The Programmer has produced a great game that you can check out on Steam. Here's a link to his news post about it. I highly recommend checking it out.






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2017-10-12 14:30:13

At long last... the series continues. I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

Fro responds:

I'll see you there!


2017-10-16 22:48:14

What is your gf eating in your profils pic? I'm interested in food....

Fro responds:

It was a burrito that we got from a taco truck during a taco and mojito festival.