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Devil Girl Devil Girl

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's pretty good all around. The one breast is larger than the other! Something a man like I always notices. It's not natural, or what my programmed mind wants breasts to naturally be, perfectly symmetrical haha.

I thought the line work around the throat, collarbones, and face could have used some work. For example, the nose is shaped a bit odd in my opinion. I also don't like that the color isn't completely filled in. The white spaces in between the red and pink colors sticks out like a sore thumb to me, almost drives me nuts.

The one earring was off enough to to catch my attention. I know I'm getting nick picky, but these are all things throwing my attention away from the main attraction of the picture. It may have been nice to have a slight color in the background to or even a background within itself.

All in all though it's pretty good, far better than I could draw and I agree it has that cool comic book feel to it. Keep on the good work.

me in chibi me in chibi

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I refuse to say cute for a couple of reasons.

I'm not calling a picture of a 15 year old boy cute even if it is just a piece of art and also because I don't really find it to be all that cute. I think the better word to use, and this is just my opinion, is dull.

I use the word dull not only to explain the lack of said cuteness, but also because I have no clue what the emotion is. Have you ever knew somebody who had a hard time showing their emotions? I do and on top of being a good person to make fun of it's also a tad annoying when I have no clue if he's happy, sad, angry, joking around, or serious. This picture follows that theme.

The look on his face could mean several things and not being able to put your finger on it can be a tad bit annoying to the person viewing it. Is the character trying to be cute in some way? I hope not because it's a terrible way to position your face if you were. Is he scared of something and he's yelling, is he yelling to a good friend, or is he that kid in the chorus who's nervous so he stands up very stiff and sings quieter than the others. (It looks like the last one so far)

He could also be really surprised or frozen in fear. I think frozen in fear would be the look to go with here. So let's build off of it and see what we can do with this picture. Let's bring up that word dull again and use it in a different way. Can I suggest using it as another word for empty? I always stress this in my reviews. Would you rather see a piece of art with a character with no content around him or a character with a background? I think if you asked that to a general population that the majority would pick having a background.

A background could have showed the emotion on his face. You could have had him in a Christmas theme and we would have known that he was surprised or excited. Put him in a dark environment with shadows or some ghoul and we automatically know that he's scared or frozen in fear.

I think I can envision this piece being in a bedroom with the only light source in the room coming from a small glow outside of a window and the rest emitting from a door that is half way open. The light shines into the room, but is covered by a mysterious and scary shadow, which drapes over a portion of the light like a blanket.

Onto the character itself, the shading could have been a tad bit better, but I actually really like it. A lot of people don't put the time or effort into proper shading and shadowing. Even though I jokingly poked at your character by calling him dull and bland I do find it to be well done. The reflection in the eyes was pretty cool, the proportions makes him look very cartoony, and it's just a neat little guy all around.

Overall it's a nice piece that could really be cool with some extra content and feeling put behind it. Simple things like I suggested can make a piece of "art" into a piece of art quite quickly. Keep on working in your spare time and I'll be interested in what you come up with.

~ Review Request Club ~

lgnxhll responds:

Thank you, ill keep working on putting a little more into my drawings.Thanks for the citisizem and complements.

Lay off the coke, Garfield! Lay off the coke, Garfield!

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I think it needs a lot of work.

It's definitely something that I would title as a sketch and not exactly something that I would want to showcase as my best work. I actually think it's a small level above the old Charlie Brown stuff that I made and it's probably only better because I tried to follow the art style as close as I could and yours has it's own personal touch. (Which is great, I love that you added your own personal touch to this piece, it's the best feature for sure)

All around I feel it's very sloppy, even for a sketch. I don't know if you needed to use pencil for the whole thing, but in my opinion it doesn't really look good. I would have loved to see cleaner thinner lines and shading with colored pencils instead of the normal gray pencil.

The window, the shadow, and the other places that you used a darker shade really don't look good at all. All in all the setting is rough at best and needs to be much neater before you have a good picture. The best thing would have to be the character in the middle even though the one side of his head looks like you messed up pretty bad.

So my overall opinion is that you need to take more time on this. Use thin and neat lines instead of the chicken scratch that you used on the majority of the picture and add some color and shade with the color instead of the black and gray. Those things should give the picture a better look.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Blue-Dolphin responds:

Thanks bro, good to hear actual CONSTRUCTIVE criticism around Newgrounds for a change. But yes, it is a rough sketch, a REALLY rough sketch, I got the idea randomly in class to draw a beloved cartoon character huffing lines of snarsh, so I asked a girl in my class to name a famous cartoon character, and she said 'Garfield' I referred to a screenshot of a Garfield episode for the face features (The lines on the head and all that) but the image came out COMPLETELY different than the reference image itself.

But, the whole 'theme' I guess you'd call it isn't about the art quality, it's more of the story behind it, to show things like people you wouldn't even think twice of ever doing drugs, really do them, or how the government hides the fact that cocaine is widespread across the whole of North America, or whatever you as a person think it represents, I know it's not the most mature image, but it does have some effort in it, not artistically per se, but on a deeper level it can have the ability to turn heads and say "Woah, that's Garfield, and he's doing DRUGS!".

But altogether I spend maybe half an hour on the Garfield, and the table with a 6B pencil (All I had -.-) and I spent not even 5 minutes on the backround with a characoal stick.

But thanks again, Fro :)

Tom Fulp: The Beard Tom Fulp: The Beard

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A picture that I could have made fairly easily. :P

This looks like a picture that I could make fairly easy, but it doesn't mean that it's not a good picture. The art is good, but in my opinion it doesn't look like Tom really at all. I might not have seen him in real life, but I think the big thing that throws this picture off is the hair. (Which actually seems to disagree with the review behind me so whatever lol)

Also, it's pixel art right? Why take a copy/paste of the newgrounds tank on his shirt when you could have created one out of pixels to match the rest of the picture? Anyway, I like the character and it's something that I would like to see in a flash game for sure.

Speaking of that, why not put him in some sort of scenario? Make him slightly smaller and put a background behind him. I'm sure it wouldn't take too long to put him outside with some scenery or even put him in the office kicking ass like usual. Perhaps forcing Luis to do the dirty grunt work or something.

An all around good picture, but I just hate to see a character by itself. Add more content around the character to show us what he's really about!

~ Review Request Club ~

EventHorizon responds:

Thanks for the review, I honestly draw this piece of art was not difficult although I have drawn with the mouse, I used gold because the background was the same aura of the icons of the directors then gave them a touch of important this character will see very soon in my new game, but for now it's a secret.

hipscotch hipscotch

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Again, love the style.

The picture is actually kind of funny in its own way. The kid has such a smug look on his face, but he's obviously more of the nerdy type with his huge headphones, suspenders, glasses, and haircut. Yet he's in his own little world where he's cool. He see's the headphones as rocking and they come alive. I love the personification in this picture!

Again, I love the use of soft colors. It takes a good talent to use them properly and you've really learned how to use them well. There's actually an amazing amount of detail for such a simple picture. It really goes to show what a couple of shadows here and there and some simple background props can do to help a submission out.

A good job all around. I'm adding this one to my favorites for sure.

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feed the trolls feed the trolls

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like your style.

Quick question before I get into the review. Why do you have one of the tags as the word "with"? It doesn't really make sense because it's not a word someone would search in a keyword search and really has nothing to do with your picture. It seems to be a waste of a tag.

Was this something that was drawn on the computer or away from the computer? I only ask because to the left it almost looks like a page of a book or something because of a line that changes color and kind of separates. The top right hand corner shows a lot of white and also looks like the end of the top of a page.

The entire picture uses soft colors very well. The black on the bottom didn't really match the rest of the picture because of the intensity of the color. Other than that the picture is actually really awesome. It's a good idea and a funny play on words. It looks like a lot of work was put into it and it really does show.

The "woman" troll in the middle is very comical with all of the young children trolls trolling around. All around very good picture and I really like the style used.

The Sweedish murder machine The Sweedish murder machine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Needs more blood.

A cool character design for sure. I think that the only thing that you messed up on is the small sections of skin that go outside of the outline on both the left and the right shoulders. Other than that I don't think I see any mistakes.

I wouldn't mind seeing this character with some sort of background. He's all bloody and has obviously been killing things so perhaps having a background with dead bodies laying everywhere would be very fitting for this piece.

I would also like to see a bit more blood on him. There doesn't seem to be any on his one arm and he doesn't seem to be the type to miss any spots. :P He also looks like he should be a little more muscular then he is. He has the beer fat/muscle type where he's really strong and big, but not really defined. Maybe that was the look you were going for though.

An all around good piece.

Welcome to the Neon District. Welcome to the Neon District.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A very cool style!

I've seen a lot of pixel art, but I haven't seen pixel art this good yet on newgrounds. It's really done well, but I would like to see it much bigger or zoomed in. I know you can click on it and it gets a little bigger, but it would be really cool if I could see all this great detail that you put into the submission.

The black shadow around the edges don't really fit in my opinion. On top of that I don't like the laser thing that looks like it's coming from a satellite on the roof. Those things kind of take away from the picture in my opinion, but not enough to drop the score at all.

The things fading into the background look amazing. The blue and purples that you used in this picture were amazing. In fact, all of the colors that you used in this submission were quite good.

All in all this is an amazingly detailed piece of pixel art. I recommend making it a bit bigger or zoomed in and you really have a great piece.

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Street car Street car

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Slightly better than the last one I suppose.

Again with the things that you didn't make. You could have very well made the tire rims and the fire yourself. The two signs look like they would be extremely easy to make even in a program such as paint so I would suggest doing that as well. Making it completely original helps out, but with this piece I don't know how much it would.

The first thing that sticks out to me is the thickness of the lines used. It's much better to use a thin line when drawing almost anything. The second thing that I notice is the red light coming out of the back and front. Neither should have an outline to them especially since light isn't a solid object and doesn't have a physical presence.

Again with the white space as well. I suggest coloring in all of your white space. This can easily be done with almost any program. If you're using photoshop it should be an easy task, but it's an even easier task if you do it in paint. If you would have filled all the white space then I would have given you at least one point on this submission.

I personally feel that the green of the "fin" on the back of the car was very out of place. The green doesn't really match with the black and red of the car. However, the green on the bottom of the car was decent. It would have been better if you made the lights of the car transparent such as this.

Making the dragon detailed would have increase the points that you got on this submission a lot. A detailed dragon with a car that had the filled in space, along with all original work from yourself would have earned you at least a 3-5 from me.

The tires are really poor. Neither of them are round at all. Since you did this by hand I suggest taking something like a small shot glass or another small circle to make round tires. It's virtually impossible to make a perfect circle without tools, but I almost think that a few seconds worth of effort could make something pretty close.

Give this thing a background of some sort. Put it out on the street at night time. of course, it would obviously match in with the background if you did that at night so you need to give some shine to the car. have reflections, make it 3-D, give it much more detail. I personally think that is way out of your talent range as of now, but with a bit of practice you should be able to work your way up to it.

Overall, needs to be more detailed, use thinner lines, try semi-transparent colors, add a background, color within the lines and fill the white space, and give much more effort. Practice, practice, practice.

Test Flight Test Flight

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Google huh?

Yeah, I don't think you have to tell us that the background is from google. It says google right there in white letters in the bottom right hand corner. Anyway, for your other comments it should be something like this. "A new drawing. The background is from google images." I'm not trying to be rude with that comment though. I'm just trying to let you know if English isn't your native language.

Anyway, I'll start with the first eyesore. You probably shouldn't use a background picture from google to create a piece of art. You should probably go ahead and try to make the piece completely original by creating everything yourself. At least crop out the compass and the google logo to make it seem presentable.

The second eyesore is jet or airplane, which isn't good because it's the only thing that you created yourself and is the focal point of the submission. The blue really doesn't look good coming out of the back of the aircraft. I don't think the exhaust would be blue in the first place, but I also don't think it would be a perfect rectangle line either. Ever look at a jet in the sky? The white smoke that follows it isn't exactly straight, but it's wavy.

The bad thing about the aircraft is that it basically has no detail and the lines that build it's body are really sloppy. If you drew this on paper and scanned it in read part A. If you did this in paint or another program then read part B.

A) Use a ruler to draw the straight lines. The curved lines are actually quite good, but the rest could use some work. The color needs some help here. Instead of solid black with white borders I suggest using gradients to give this more detail and not to outline your work as there aren't outlines in real life. If you were going for the cartoon type look the detail would be all that you needed then.

B) Use the line tool as your friend. I also suggest completely coloring in right up to the lines. I see some white space that isn't needed here. (The rest can be read in part A so I guess you'll have to read both parts anyway)

I can't really tell what part is the window. I mean, I see where the window is suppose to be, but it just doesn't look good if that's what it is there in the front. Perhaps making it more of a transparent grey instead of the off color small section that you have there would be better.

Overall it's not very good and you have a lot to improve on, but if you like doing art then don't give up. The 0 is for multiple things, mainly being the fact that you used a picture from google and that it looks like something that I could personally create in five to ten minutes with minimal effort. I'm really no artist either.

Sorry if you find the review mean or rude, but I feel like I've given you as many tips to improve as I possible can. Like I said, if you enjoy art keep working and you'll get better. Practice, practice, practice!

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