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the robot fight 2 the robot fight 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well, I haven't made a stop action in many years, but even as a younger kid I think all of mine turned out slightly better. I don't quite like the camera angle or distance at all. I'd get it much closer so you can see more details and and get a flatter angle. It was pretty choppy, so I'd recommend to keep practicing on your skills and a stop actioner.

The best advice that I can give to you is not to just go ahead and make a small fight scene. It's great for practice, but put some detail into it. You don't even need a plot, but this short of a film just won't do to anyone.

Slow down a bit and for god sakes keep yourself out of the shot! I can can't just as many shots of somebody in the picture as I can count them out of it. There's a time when you move the entire desk thing that the robots are on as well.

The biggest and by far easiest thing that you could do to improve on this though is to add sound. It really is the easiest thing you could do and would have improved even this choppy little short ten fold. Background music, voices, and sound effects are essential when making a stop motion.

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Wales and Gary Wales and Gary

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Aha! Very nice my friend!

~ Animation/Graphics ~

You had a very nice style of art in this submission. Everything was pretty clean cut and very visually pleasing to the eye. The animation was very smooth and I couldn't find any faults in it. I also loved the use of color. Everything just looked really awesome.

~ Story/Content ~

It didn't take to long to make me laugh in this submission. I ended up laughing at most of it to be completely honest. You have a good sense of humor and I may just check out some of your other flash submissions if you have anything like this. The characters could have a series made out of them in my opinion.

The only downfall of the entire submission is how it ended. I was hoping that it kept going on for a little longer with some more jokes, but it kind of ended in a not so funny meh kind of way. :(

~ Audio ~

The voice acting was superb and there was literally no interference with the microphone. All of the music/sound effects were just perfect for the submission. This part of the flash was very well down all around.

~ Overall ~

A very good flash, but I just wish it didn't end so abruptly. I was hoping for some more quick jokes and a funny battle scene.

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R.O.C. Ep002 R.O.C. Ep002

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Hey, I noticed the fridge in the background.

~ Comments~

Other than that I didn't like it. In fact, the only reason that I didn't give you a zero is because I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you were actually trying to create something entertaining and funny instead of spamming something bad on purpose. You just really hit and miss here.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I would consider them good, but you really did nothing here right? I mean even when people use sprites they do more work, tweening, fbf, placement of the graphics, etc..., but this was basically you putting words into a program and then the program did everything? At least that's how I'm seeing it.

~ Story/Graphics ~

I think this may be somewhat funny to some of the 5th graders that I taught and apparently one of the reviewers down below... I guess it may just be an opinion, but little elementary level humor doesn't usually make people laugh. This was a major step below things like South Park, Family Guy, and other shows like that. Those at least make me laugh, but this was seriously like someone took a decent idea and removed 90 percent of the humor out of it. Perhaps it's because of the lacking emotion that I'll talk about shortly below.

~ Audio ~

With a simple program you could have easily had real voices put over this video along with some sort of dramatic background music. The lack of emotion really doesn't help this already poor submission's case. In fact, it might have been exactly what this piece needed to get a couple of points out of me. I would have had the same effect just reading this as text as I would these voices talking out the little skit.

~ Overall ~

I'm sure I'm with the majority of the people when I say create something yourself, rethink what the majority of people actually find funny at the average age on newgrounds, and find some voices not made by a computer or robot.

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ninjadezombidetueur responds:

ummm, i agree with your hypothesis of how this non-animated-by-me-animation is a general piece of shit.

Turkey Day Follies Turkey Day Follies

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was alright, nothing amazing.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The graphics were pretty good. I liked the style and I don't think there is much to improve here in this submission. It kind of has a style that a younger audience would enjoy.

~ Story/Content ~

The chef and a turkey... it was kind of like Tom and Jerry. I'm going back with the whole younger viewer thing because I think the humor was better fit for a child. Not saying that it wasn't amusing, but it really didn't get anything more than a smile from me. I can see that it was for a class so you probably can't get any more "adult" like humor in there anyway.

~ Audio ~

The sound effects were pretty fitting. I'm pretty sure I've heard several of those before. Were any of them original by you? If so I'm probably just thinking of some similar cartoon like sounds that I've heard before.

~ Overall ~

A cute little flash. I think it's better fitting for a younger audience, but it's still an enjoyable short. Keep up the good work and good luck in your web-media class.

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Hola_Pescado! Hola_Pescado!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Only a short review because..

My keyboard is broken and it takes awhile to get all the keys to work.

Anyway, a pretty cool flash. It was really odd and weird, but random enough to make me laugh. Decent humor and pretty cool style all around. I highly recommend that people watch it.

P.S. - My shortest review in like 4 years.

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Madness Inflammation Madness Inflammation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yeah, some were pretty good.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

If I had more time I would break this down by author, but I don't so it'll have to be an overall view. Some were really good and yet some looked liked they were made by an amateur. Most were pretty smooth and in fact some were things that I would compare directly to Krinkels work, but on the other side there were some that ran very slow and rough around the edges. For the most part the animation was pretty good.

~ Story/Content ~

That thing is I've grown out of enjoying random killing like this a long time ago. So after awhile this did start to get boring. I did my best to try and stay interested, but there just really needed to be more humor in my opinion.

The only thing that was funny to me was the one where the clown went on a killing rampage and at the end shot himself in the head with the gun. Other than that it was like watching the same generic shooter again and again.

~ Audio ~

The music was good in my opinion and for the most part the sound was good as well. There were a few that were lacking sound effects and that made them seem very out of place. The submitter should have went through and added them.

~ Overall ~

A lot of mindless killing just like Madness should be, but so generic that it lacked a lot of individuality. I wouldn't have minded seeing more humor and perhaps something way different that we wouldn't expect to see from Madness.

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vogxhamraks responds:

Haha thanx for ur review and for giving ur opinion

CoolJaw: Dreaming Darkly CoolJaw: Dreaming Darkly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's finally here.

So the first thing I want to point out is that I really loved the story, but I got lost at the end. I understood the story all the way up until the last few chapters and I just didn't quite get it or that I wasn't just too impressed with the ending. Do you mind summing the story up at the end just to make sure that I wasn't shorting you here on my ignorance?

It was great that you added some animation in with this one, but I swear if you took some time out of your busy schedule you could make this an amazing animated series. I personally believe that the series itself would make several hundred dollars if it were fully animated, but that's up to you as it would take a very long time to make this entire thing animated.

The story is amazing in my opinion. Like I mentioned it just didn't make too much sense to me towards the very end. The music was good all around and if this were every animated I would love to see voices in it.

You should be pretty proud of this series and I'm happy you stuck with it an won a group of awards here.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Celx-Requin responds:

I'll send you a P.M!

- Celx

Bahamut N' Satan 777 Bahamut N' Satan 777

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Look what I've done..

Haggard's review was a 7, Auz's review was a 7, and I just couldn't let the opportunity for this not to have three reviews in a row with a 7 score. I have now made the last three reviews 777, the number of this flash.

Yeah, I didn't see that coming at all. I was assuming Bahamut was going to do what Auz said below, just actually be himself and then tell Satan to go to hell, aka home. I also thought he might show up as another one of your characters such as Afro_Stud, but you definitely caught me off guard with Fred Flinstone as he had nothing to do with anything. :P

So I'll give you a 7 for catching me off guard like that, making me smile, and for using that wonderful Flinstone theme song there that I hadn't heard in so many years. The Slayer song wasn't so bad either. ;)

Murray responds:

EVERYONE who reviews this should give it a 7.

Crackman's Birthday?! Crackman's Birthday?!

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I liked this one.

It kind of reminds me how old these videos actually are with the whole Guitar Hero game and everything. My first year of college was when I played Guitar Hero for the first time. The comment at the end made me laugh as I know how people can get addicted to games like that. For example, one of my many roommates my freshman year ended up skipping most of his classes to stay in the room and play Guitar Hero 3.

The Futurama reference made me laugh as I've seen it in many of your flashes and on the BBS several times. The thing is I don't remember who the people are that dislike Futurama and who the people are that like it as I never know when someone is joking and when someone is just making a joke on the reference. I personally enjoy the show. :P

Overall, a great flash if made in one day. How many hours do you think it took you to create this?

Murray responds:

The only Futurama hater I ever knew was Crackman. I never talk to him these days. :(

I think I spent 2 - 3 hours on this.

Bahamut's Bday Card Bahamut's Bday Card

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't believe I didn't review...

I forgot all about reviewing this submission. Sorry about that man, I should have been right on that the day it was submitted. I must have been busy or something.

The disco Bahamut's dancing in the beginning were simply awesome. All of the animation was pretty simple, but done very well.

The letter from Dream-of-Duke was great. I wonder who the brilliant person was that came up with that... wait I mean... I can't believe Dream-of-Duke could think about complaining about the update even on Bahamut's birthday!

The secret letter was great as well. I would have never figured out the password by myself. You weren't too hard to trick though as I only told you that I had guessed right and you spilled the secret word only moments after. :P

The music was a great fit all around. You and your Mexican music, I should have known what I was going to hear. ;) I just pick of course. Next time loop the song though. It actually just ended while I finished this review.

Anyway, this is a great birthday flash for a great user.. I mean dragon... Keep up the good work and I hope to work on a project with you someday.

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ThePigeonMaster responds:

Thanks for the detailed review. I love them ^^
And yeah, Dream-of-Duke is such an awesome guy ;D
Bahamut deserved something like this because he's awesome. Not because we're afraid of him :P