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The 1v1 Paintball game The 1v1 Paintball game

Rated 1 / 5 stars

If you face right up against a wall and shoot right between two dark boxes you will shoot a L shape pattern into the blocks, creating two splattered surfaces at a time, but any additional splatter will take away the one splatter that is in between the two blocks. Unless it gets shot by another player then it covers in the same L shape.

If you hold down a shoot button it shoots at a good rate, but it only makes the original sounds of the shot. Perhaps there's a way to attach the sound to every time a bullet shows up on the screen and not just every time the button is pushed.

I thought everything was pretty basic, but it works for what the game is to a point. More detail would be nice. I think that walking with the combination of up/right, etc... should move in a diagonal direction to make things smoother. I'd like to see the paint ball bullets a little faster, but I guess it kind of works this way because it gives someone an opportunity to dodge them.

There's this weird white spot behind the blue score area that looks like you just missed. Sticks out like a sore thumb. I also think it would look really cool if you made a blue/red splatter mix for when both players hit the same wall. This opens you up to some mini games and just would look like a more finished product.

The game is alright, but it lacks any real content. I couldn't imagine myself asking my buddy if they wanted to come hang out so we could play that cool paintball game that we found online. Perhaps if the controls were a little more smooth and you added something more it could be though. For example, it's great that there is a score, but wouldn't it be much better if there was a time limit to each level? You could even have different mini games where the point is to paint as much surface with your color before the time runs out while the other person can cover yours up to make it theirs, etc...

The addition of a single player mode would be the best and easiest way to improve this submission. Perhaps adding some levels and enemies that move around randomly until you are in their sites or are always slowly moving towards you. They could even have different patterns like in pacman where one ghost always moves towards you, one always stays behind, one moves random, etc.. etc...

Overall, this whole submission really seemed unfinished. Paying attention to adding small details as simple as a cleaner more functional menu with in game instructions could improve them game greatly. Add some music in the background and some more content and watch how your scores improve from here on out.

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Gurken responds:


High Boom High Boom

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'll write my review in English, then in poor Spanish.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

You have a really nice art style, but it is also very simple. I would like to see you grow as an artist and make things a little more detailed. The animation itself was smooth, but could be worked on a little bit as well. Adding a little bit more detail into the background would improve this submission a little more as well.

Tienes un estilo de arte realmente agradable, pero también es muy simple. Me gustaría verte crecer como artista y hacer las cosas un poco más detalladas. La animación en sí era suave, pero podría ser trabajado en un poco así. Añadir un poco más de detalle en el fondo mejoraría esta presentación un poco más también.

~ Story/Plot ~

I guess I didn't really get the punch line. Perhaps that's because English is my language. Since you are posting to a website that is almost primarily an English speaking website it may be a good idea to add optional subtitles on the bottom of the screen that people could toggle on and off. That way if they speak Spanish they can keep them off and if they speak English they can toggle them on.

Supongo que no conseguí la línea de golpes. Tal vez eso es porque el inglés es mi idioma. Puesto que usted está fijando a un Web site que sea casi sobre todo un Web site que habla inglés puede ser una buena idea agregar los subtítulos opcionales en la parte inferior de la pantalla que la gente podría alternar encendido y apagado. De esa manera si hablan español pueden mantenerlos fuera y si hablan inglés pueden cambiarlos.

~ Audio ~

I have no complaints at all here. Everything seemed good. It was kind of silent overall and could do with some more background sounds and voices. All in all good though.

No tengo ninguna queja en todo aquí. Todo parecía bueno. Fue un poco silencioso en general y podría hacer con algunos sonidos de fondo y voces. En general bien.

~ Overall ~

A pretty simple animation that could use a little bit of work, but pretty well produced. I'd highly recommend subtitles because of the population of the audience you'll have here.

Una animación bastante simple que podría utilizar un poco de trabajo, pero bastante bien producido. Recomiendo altamente subtítulos debido a la población de la audiencia que usted tendrá aquí.

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NickConter responds:

Thanks for the commentary, just a few think you should know:
- I actually did this almost a year ago and I first uploaded to YouTube with English subtitles (also don´t worry for the "story", it all started because I drew those two guys hi 5ing and my friends told me to animate it, so that is why it doesn't really makes sense)
- The most recent animation that i did was a 4 second animation in the Mama Luigi Project, so you can see if I have improved.
- I was bored one day and remembered that I used to watch a lot of Newgrounds back in the day (I don´t remember why, I didn't knew English back then) and I decided to upload the video here and see what happens, but I don´t know how to put English subtitles here.

In other words thanks for taking the time to review mi animation and I appreciate the criticism, I´m working on another one in between school and stuff, maybe i´ll do and Spanish and English version since it doesn't have voice acting.

The Refrigerator The Refrigerator

Rated 4 / 5 stars

~ Animation/Graphics ~

I think that you had your own style and it was pretty decent, especially for the theme of the animation. I thought it was a little simplistic and that there was a little bit of room for improvement on some things. For example, the people were pretty odd shaped and could be refined a little. The dirt pile that was dumped on the refrigerator was a little too basic and could have been detailed better. It would have also been a bit better if there was a little bit more detail put into the background. Some things weren't as smooth as they could have been such as the people moving and whatnot, but overall the simple style probably works for this submission.

~ Story/Plot ~

This was borderline awesome. It just ended a little bit random for my liking. During the entire submission I'm loving the originality and the humor of a fridge being dumped off as garbage away from the family that he grew up to love and care for. It brings up so many damn questions. Can only this kid here the fridge? Does it take the magic power of being a kid and having an open mind? Did his last owners hear him talk? If they did, why in the world would they get rid of him? Obviously talking fridges isn't just common since the kid is really surprised when this one talks to him... or is he just startled because he doesn't know it's there...?

Let me in on your universe! I was also thinking about what a great series this could have been if taken in two different directions. This fridge, which is capable of moving and doesn't need to stay at the dump... or he could... could start killing people as his revenge for being dumped. He could stay in the dump and kill people in creative ways or even recruit some of the "trash" being dropped off and lead a revolution against the human kind. Damn, I would watch and love a series like that!

What I thought was going to happen was the father and son were going to take him home as a beer fridge. That wouldn't make such a good flash, but maybe they could take him home and the fridge could start a different adventure from there. The ending proves that a series or that I thought of a series wasn't ever really the plan though. I just wanted to throw those out there just in case!

The topic of the ending... how.. I get it. The humor is actually pretty good, but just a tad bit too random. Not like way over random, but I shook my head a bit when the drugs came out. I wish it didn't go that direction and I kind of wish I didn't have to imagine this fridges revenge being as simple as one child he didn't know and getting himself crushed to death. Doesn't seem like much of a revenge. That being said, I left laughing and saying whattt...

~ Audio ~

I would have liked to see some original music put in this submission. Maybe from the audio portal or some royalty free music, but all in all it was very fitting for the animation. The voices were really good and I think everything was pretty good quality in this aspect.

~ Other ~

A replay button/rolling credits at the end would have been better fitting.

~ Overall ~

The animations/graphics were a it basic, I left laughing and love the originality of the idea, and the audio was of good choice and quality.

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madness scene maker v2.0 madness scene maker v2.0

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Very basic. There are a lot of advanced things that I would recommend doing such as having an item be unlimited so you can have less copies in the selection area, but use as many as you want in the creation area. Even if you wanted to do something more simple you could have made multiple copies like 100's of each and placed them over top of each other. That way when someone dragged one into position there was just another one waiting for them.

You should have every item facing left and right equally. You have an over abundance of facing to the left, but hardly anything facing to the right. The selection area is way too big and the creation area is way too small. The white areas in between the sections gives it an unfinished and unpolished look.

It would have been better with some background music or even a selection menu for choosing background music. Think of your common Madness video/game songs and go from there.

random madness tests random madness tests

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The random test thing is alright, but it's still nice to see some sort of background. That being said, I can get over that because they are simply tests.

The animation is way too fast... it basically takes away from any enjoyment of being able to watch this. The animation is good otherwise.

Because of the length of the submission the loop was alright, but I highly recommend waiting until you have a few more tests, add a play/replay button, and then submit something like this. It was way too short, but I'm assuming how fast the animation was had something to do with that.

Asterash Asterash

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Grrr... this game makes me so angry! I keep dying right when I think I'm getting better at it. I got most of the medals, but I'm not sure if I have the patients to keep going. The artwork is awesome, but with the background, vibrations of the ships, and other things going on my eyes get crossed and I have a hard time telling what's an incoming enemy projectile of death or if it's something else. Oh well, it really looks great and plays amazing. This is the type of shooting game we need for PYROSCAPE 4! (I swear to god I'm working on it this week and I'll talk to you about it in a little bit on facebook)

Is there some cheats or hints you can throw my way so I can get the rest of the medals? There's no way that I can survive two minutes in this game.

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MonoFlauta responds:

Thanks for playing! About the messy screen (with all the shakes and stuff coming to you). Yes, maybe we went a bit too far in feedback haha. But well, I guess it ended up well! First place of the day finally haha.
About the medals, sorry, but we wanted this game to be the dark souls of Newgrounds! haha.
Thanks a lot for playing and looking foward to do Pyroscape 4!

Evil Otter Evil Otter

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That was directed towards both the audio and the animation. So first I'll start off with the animation. You've definitely haven't gotten a lot better since the flashes we made with the... oh.. I don't even want to bring those up. :P Ahem, so yeah. The animation was really basic, but you've have gotten a lot better at it.

Soo... what does the Otter really have to do with anything here? It was kind of out of place and I could see the voice acting being better served on something more cartoony with a human character.

The voice acting itself was ok, but it really wasn't that funny. It seemed sort of forced... well... maybe it just didn't go along with the right style of animation?

Also, the video stops playing when it is over, but the audio still keeps going? I thought I was missing something, but maybe you should have thrown on a replay button at the end to make things more functional.

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MonoFlauta responds:

Hahahaha, thanks a lot for the review.
I just heared the audio and wanted to do something quick for fun. And also: "The animation was really basic, but you've have gotten a lot better at it." Don't lie, to me, I know I am a programmer and that will never be possible haha.
About the Otter and the voice acting. It was just a random thing of the momment. I listened to it and made it in less than 2 hours. So yeah, it is crappy haha.
But well, it worked because it was fun to do something different.
Thanks once again again for the review!

DotWars DotWars

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I know it's a short and that you did it for fun, but it's really not something that's very good. I actually think that dot and/or stick animations can be very entertaining to watch. As practice, this is a good start, but as a submission it's not very good.

The animation was choppy and could be smoother. The biggest downer was the lack of detail in the background. It would have been nice to work on that and this submission would have been a lot better. Add some length and you actually have a pretty good piece.

I also noticed that some of the "damage" to the walls in the first scene went away after a few seconds. I believe that was probably an error. You did have some nice detail in the last scene where the lamp was swaying back and forth though.

Music was an alright choice and you did a good job on the sound effects.

Echo the Dolphin Echo the Dolphin

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The game itself play alright, but it's just really... boring and not that fun. There isn't any real motivation to keep playing multiple levels. After winning about the first five I really got bored and couldn't keep going.

The background and art work is nice, but there were some things that need to be improved on. The green sides of the background were really out of place. I don't recommend that their there and it would have been much better if you just kept the water background across the entirety of the back screen.

Also, some of the fish just swim to the end of the screen and just disappear. They should swim off of the screen to make things more fluid. At the end of the day, other than the fish theme this really really has nothing to do with dolphins and/or fish and it's a huge stretch. I would have worked out a better theme for this game.

Like your other game, there is no restart button. Not that I needed one because of the simplicity and ease of the game, but I let this play while writing a review and realized that if someone does lose they have to refresh the entire screen to play again.

The audio was alright, but needs to be toned down and their needs to be some ambient background music to go along with everything.

Building Bloxx Building Bloxx

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

The first thing that I notice right away is that the start button is difficult to see. There should be a different outline or maybe even a simple gray or black rectangular background that would make it more evident. Also, when you are done with a game there isn't any replay button. You actually have to refresh the page to get another shot of the game... kind of takes the fun out of playing it and would be much better if it had one.

Other than that the artwork and animation is really well done. I really like the style and it all in all looks amazing. The small attention to detail such as the clouds moving in the background are great. I do recommend making the airplane more of a background feature. It looks good, but if it were more infrequent and farther away it would be better.

To add a little bit of a challenge I recommend having the blocks start from different sides of the screen at random. I don't agree that physics should be included in this game because it would be impossible to get much more than 10-20 blocks while I was getting over 100 this way. I think it would kind of take away from the fun of the game if the levels only lasted a minute. I do like that the higher you get the more the tower sways.

The sound effects were a little overbearing. They should be toned down a little and there should be some sort of background music. The mute button was a nice touch though. If the airplane were moved back you could even add in some distance sound effects for that.