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Nathan Desjardins Nathan Desjardins

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'll start off slightly nit picky... then go back to praising here... On the left and right shoulder you can see some inconsistency with the lines. It almost looks like there's a thread loose on his left shoulder, but if you look really closely you'll see the lines don't connect. On the right hand side there is a continuation of the line that goes slightly above the shoulder with a small black line to the right of the shoulder that when looked closely at isn't actually connected to the body at all. I'm not sure if this was intentional to go along with your style or if it was accidental.

The shadowing/light on the shirt was done well and I like the design you put on the undershirt. The shadows on the neck and face were basically perfectly placed. I really like the use of blacks, whites, and grey here. The eyes are an amazingly beautiful contrast to the otherwise dark color of the rest of the picture. (I have baby blue eyes, but man mine aren't anything like this!) The glow effect they give on the face was really cool.

The texture difference of the shaved part of the head compared to the rest of the hair was very pleasing to the eye. The texture of the background was really neat as well, kind of gives the feel of a piece of granite/slate/marble.

Hammer-Head Hammer-Head

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One thing that is really out of place to me is the left side of the mouth. (Left side of the screen, his right side of his mouth) I feel like the grey part shouldn't be there at all. if you were to be looking from this angel the only thing that should be visible is the flesh color of the inside of his mouth. We wouldn't really be able to see other side of his face like that.

It would have been nice to see a better separation of the claw part of the hammer. It appears to be one single piece here, which may be alright depending on what you were trying to create with this. If you were coming up with a monster with an actual hammer head go for the separation of the claw it would look cool. If you were just going for a monster with the slight appearance of a hammer head it's fine the way it is. (Still might be cooler the other way)

While purples are my favorite color I think this picture as a whole blends in too well with it's background. I think changing up the background color a bit would have helped this not blend in so well. It might have also been neat to give him more facial features, but there's something frightening about a hammer-head monster with razor sharp teeth and no eyes. O.o

You did a good job with the shadows and color choice on the arm. He's pretty buff. I'm assuming his other arm is just as big. I'd like to see a full body representation of this guy. He'd be a cool game character to choose from/battle against.

Alien Alien

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I really love the color. You'll always get that opinion from me whenever you choose this purple, one of if not my favorite colors of all time. I really like the style of this. It's kind of a dog with a duck shaped head with an elephantiasis lower bill.

I'm assuming the plain background had to do something with the collab, but if not I would have chosen a different color because it's kind of bleh. Any color would have probably worked because of the thick lines that you used on the outside of the alien.

The whole piece could have used a little bit more detail, but I do like the style overall. Maybe a few more lines/texture on the body could have added some detail.

Punk Warrior Punk Warrior

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is a pretty decent sketch. Like the other pieces I've reviewed this seems to be a bit blurry. Especially on the side where he is holding the ax. I'll review the sketch from bottom up with random things mixed in.

The first thing that bothers me is that the picture isn't centered and that the paper seems to be a bit crumpled towards the bottom. The 2nd thing isn't a big deal, but not being centered really bothered me.

His left foot, looking at the picture the right hand side, seems to be shaped odd compared to the other one. Perhaps he's standing different giving that one a slightly larger look, but it's hard to tell because he doesn't seem to be standing in a twisting position, yet that leg/foot appears slightly bigger. The detail and quality of the drawing of the shoes is pretty awesome though.

Moving up, his ax arm seems to be bigger around then the non ax hand. Just the arms in general seem to really be out of place in my opinion. They aren't placed naturally or how you would expect anyone to be standing. Maybe it would have looked better if the ax arm had been placed on his shoulder or if his arms were placed to his sides.

Overall, a decent sketch with a couple of proportion problems.

Green Lizard Green Lizard

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Same question with this one as I had in the last one. Was this taken with a camera or a scanner? I think a scanner would have gotten rid of the slight blur that was created. If it was a scanner then... bad scanner bad...

It's bent leg seems that it will be way too short when it's fully extended... so I measured... and I was wrong. In fact, the foot will make it an entire lizard foot longer than the other legs. Maybe that's too much attention to a cartoon style though.

I really like the shading with the green. I'm not sure if it just naturally happened because of what you were using to color it or if you did some of it on purpose. Either way it's very subtle, but adds some nice texture to him. The mouth bothers me ever so slightly because of the white emptiness that is the outer part towards the bottom left of the screen. You did a good job starting with black in the inner most reaching, but it would have been nice to see a gradual shading all of the way to the end.

Another cool cartoony/tattoo type of drawing. It was a little empty because of the pure white background and would have been a little nicer if there was some more added to it. I can see him on a different shade of green grass or jumping/hanging from a small branch/twig or something.

Punky Face Punky Face

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This got reviewed by the Review Request Club after I left the site for awhile. :( I missed it by 7 years haha. Well, better late than never.

Was this taken as a picture or was it scanned in? I feel like if it were scanned in it would have been pretty easy to make the quality a bit higher and to zoom in to make it a bit bigger. The only bad that I have to say about it is how small it is and how it's a little fuzzy. I also didn't like the choice of lettering on the top. I feel like it wasn't very fitting with the theme of the picture.

Other than that it's hard to get into the gritty details of this submission because of how far away it is. It looks like it would be a pretty awesome tattoo design though.

Should I add the tag? ... yeah why not...

~ Review Request Club ~

Decky responds:

Cheers for the review Fro.

As promised I will reply to them all once I get round to it.

Thinking back I believe this was an upload from a picture taken with a mobile phone :/. Not even smart phones back then. So yeah, I was young and foolish. Not a piece I show off anymore.

Cheers again for the review.

Dark Link Dark Link

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well it's been a nice adventure, but it ends with this... I mean until you submit something else. Then I'll just have to review that as well. I can say I've saved the best for last and can see huge growth over the course of your work. Great job. It can be hard to find motivation and desire to continue to work and progress, but you've done exactly that. Onto the piece, bottom to top.. because that's how I review for some reason.

The bottom right foot is perhaps just a tiny bit too big? Maybe not, but it kind of comes off that way. The fire where he hits the ground with his fist is awesome. The light that it produces continues it beauty throughout the entire submission. The texture in his boots is a nice addition.

The mechanical/robot type armor on his arms is a nice approach. There is no question that this is Dark Link. He looks about as evil as Link could look. I like the way your rounded his sword to give an impression of it being swung upwards as his body moves downward. Part of me wishes that the picture continued a little bit more so we could see the entirety of the sword.

The background is very well done. Nice and simple. It does a great job complimenting the main attraction. The fairy (right, fairy?) is the perfect amount of motion going on in what would have been a space slightly too empty without it.

Great job.

Jerza Jerza

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woo, purple! My favorite color. Starting from the ground up in this review. I love the purple haze the grass gets from the light in the background. The specs/dust stuff floating around adds a nice bit of detail to the picture. The detail that you put into the dress and pants is really good. (Especially so on the pants) Great use of shadows and light.

The point where her hair covers her other eye seems a bit off. It's almost like we should have seen a little bit of that eye. Perhaps moving the hair over a little bit could have solved that problem. It may be the resolution on my screen, but it appears that the line of his arms are a little lower quality. They have a little bit of a fuzzy square look to them. (God it makes me cringe sometimes when I try to explain things and fuzzy square look is the description that comes to mind.. sorry about that)

I think it's one of your better pieces when it comes to proportions in all of the body parts. The background is really beautiful in this one.

Overall, a very good use of color, texture, and attention to detail.

Trouble Maker V2 Trouble Maker V2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

(Insert 90% of my last review from version one here)

The glow, shadows, and color adds so much to this submission. It definitely improved the overall quality. I still stick to my guns about the other comments though. Some perspective is weird, especially in the bottom left hand corner foot and board area. Looking at this with the more vibrant colors though I think you have someone who actually looks pretty badass. The head seems to even look better with this version even though I'm pretty confident nothing changed other than the shading on it. I think maybe it just looks a little small for his body. His neck definitely looks a little small.

Trouble Maker Trouble Maker

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Starting on the bottom left.. his foot seems to be very oddly sized compared to the length of his legs and size of his body. This guy kind of looks like trouble, but mostly looks like the kid in highschool who really thinks he's cool, but really isn't and people don't like him that much. In return he tries to make up for it by being extra douchy. Hm... maybe he is trouble then.

The neck and head seem to be really awkward, but I can't put my finger on it. The hoverboard also seems to be positioned weird in comparison to the rest of his body. His hand that is up in the air has a (bare with me for lack of a better term) metal guard come over the top, but the hand lower to the ground has the guard on the bottom. A small inconsistency that bothered me a little.

The background is nice.. it's a little bland, but gives it a really cool night time feel. (Even though it's a little bright to give a really good nighttime feel) For example, there seems to be quite a few clouds in the sky, but the moon, if that's what it's called in this universe, seems to be a little over bearing.

What I like most about this piece is the nunchucks. The angle and rounded curves you used really makes this thing look like it's being swung.