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Newgrounds Monthly Writing Competitions 2019

Posted by Fro - January 30th, 2019

What are the newgrounds writing competitions?

They are a monthly competition held in which contestants will be given a specific prompt and due date. 

Are there prizes?

Currently the prizes consist of supporter status, but during Halloween we have also give away cash prizes to writers. Prizes could increase depending on how popular the writing competitions become. We have had prizes donated from animators in the past where winning entries end up getting animated.

Where do I find the writing competitions?

There are quite a few ways to find the writing competitions. I will post them here on this newspost, along with discussion threads, and results. You can also view the newgrounds calendar for due dates. The calendar will have direct links to the threads. You may also see them advertised in one of Tom's posts as well. They will also most likely just be on the first page of the writing forum.

Who can participate in a writing competition?

Everyone with a newgrounds account.

Who can judge in a writing competition?

Someone who has shown a commitment to the writing community on newgrounds. This may take form in several different ways such as commenting and reviewing on works posted in the writing forum or taking part in multiple writing competitions.

Currently I judge every competition, but ideally there are also revolving judges as well.


2019 Competitions

MWC19 - January - New Beginnings

MWC19 - January - Discussion

MWC19 - January - Results

MWC19 - February - Love

MWC19 - February - Discussion

MWC19 - February - Results

MWC19 - March - March Forward

MWC19 - March - Discussion

MWC19 - March - Results

MWC19 - April - I'm the Fool

MWC19 - April - Discussion

MWC19 - April - Results

MWC19 - May - Original NG Character

MWC19 - May - Discussion

MWC19 - May - Results (TBD)

MWC19 - June - Mixed Perspectives

MWC19 - June - Discussion





Comments (3)

i am curious how the results will end up for everything either the writing contest and how people improve. this is the second time i participate so i hope everyone can enjoy writing just as much as i do and hopefully the judges can enjoy reading it just as much.

Sending a message your way!

Its my first time ever participating in something like this so I'll give it a shot. Best of luck to everyone.

Awesome! Can't wait.

Since these writing contests are going to be put to rest for now, what will be done to encourage writing on the forums? I do understand that this whole thing was a bit stressful for you, but now I'm curious.

I'm thinking this weekend I'm going to post a collaboration effort that should eat up some time and get the community together. It involve a lot of people working as a team and editing/giving feedback for others. I'm starting to get the motivation to do some writing again. :)