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About time we get to see what love truly looks like. It doesn't exist for the individual, just everyone else around that individual.

I thought maybe the gag was going to be that he tried to catch the kiss, but ends up falling off of the building and going splat on the ground. Instead, he has to face the reality of being Sad Larry inside with all of his "friends".

This is literally the response when you, @RoboSeven, @Kiwi, me, and the others talk about working out and diet in the workout thread.

Sometimes you get booty eating humor, sometimes you get dark and twisted beat your children and get murdered in return humor.

I loved pants joke while he was equipping his belt. The whole thing could have ended there. I feel like that was the climax of the joke.

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I tried this on mobile and it just wasn't playable in my opinion. It was way too difficult to click up and down and I ended up not being able to play for more than a couple of seconds at a time. On the PC it's much easier to play.

It's a very nice and simple game. Very good artwork and everything else is very clean and smooth. The only complaint at all is that I think it needs to be more clear where you can put the stickers in the how-to.

It seems the first store behind the pillars, even though it looks like every single other store, doesn't count as a store and you lose points. Even though the very next one that's identical counts.

The game is fun because of it's simplicity, but adding little point multipliers, shield upgrades, more medals, etc... would make this more challenging and have more replay value. As it is the only real replay value in my opinion is just the newgrounds medals. I now have all of those so I'm unsure if I'll play it again.

I've played this for a long time. I'm in the top 7 all time scores now, but I'm really losing hope for this one.

Obviously the only play value this has is it's medal system. The medals should go up in worth from 10 to 25 in my opinion on the last 10 or so. That may make this game worth it to some people. Luckily I'm just letting it play in the background of my work computer so it's really not that much effort, but I'm going days and days at a time with very little progress.

Something that would help save this game, which could be a decent game at the end of the day, is a buy max button next to each item. My least favorite thing is the cool down on click. As we speak I could buy another 100 of the best item, but unless I have 30 minutes to put aside to click I'm not going to do it. Once a week or so I buy a little bit, but get so god damn bored when doing it. So I'd say get rid of the cool down or just let me buy 10, 20, 100, max at a time or something like that.

No spam on newgrounds please. I will ban this with my mod powers.

Oh wait, I can benefit from it with medal points? Ok then.

Oh wait, I now can't move my hands for the rest of the year? Worth it.

ninjamuffin99 responds:

ez points just for you fro

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This is what happens when a piano falls down the steps for wayyyyy too long. Not to mention the piano was out of tune before it started its fall.

Once it hits the ground everyone can breathe a sigh of relief, because Atlas it is over.

I think the writing is prerry goos, but a bit repetitive at times. Changing up the words being used would add a bit of variety to this.

For example, you used the statement this is both good and bad multiple times. The wroting almost became predictable to a point because of small things like this.

The voice acting was clear and precise, but contained a ton of awkard pauses and emphasis on parts of words where they seemed unnatural. Just removing the pauses in between words would make this feel more natural and smoother.

NyanaCreation responds:

the script is from a while ago but i will deventually try to keep the repeating of sentances out of it or atleast a small as possible thanks for the tip and i hope @KillaCup reads the last part to i'll try to tell that to my next voice actors as well anyway thanks again for the help Fro i appreaciate it ^^

This was an oddly satisfactory combination of old school and hip hop. I know elevator music is usually something repetitive plsying in the background, but that being said this did seem to get a bit repetitive towards the end of the song. Perhaps something to change it up a bit? I have no clue what though.

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Looking good back when I was a little lad!

I'd love to see a final picture when you're all done making these of a group collab. Something with a volcano in the background and some green grass/trees in the background. A newgrounds Cavemen selfie!

MarioPaintGameplayYt responds:

Ok! When I'm done I'll put on my file dump and send you the link! Thank you so much! (wish granted)

*Edit, I'm not actually upset. Just excited. :P

Its been four days... FOUR DAYS I TELL YOU!

I saw this four days ago amd have been waiting ever so patiently for the next up RoboFrobo piece to show up so I can make it my profile picture.

I like the cartoony style and I await seeing my robot self in caveman form.

MarioPaintGameplayYt responds:

Ok. I'm sorry. I'm working on a bday present for garbage4dinner, so i'll do it tommorow, or tonight.

Got to have a good day at school so you can make that money and get those hunnies G.

I love it. I wish someone would come along and paint this on the front of my house.

MTeyez777 responds:

Thank you! I'll be over later

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