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Here it comes. I weigh in on the 22nd and compete on the 23rd. It would be nice to take a first place in my weight division, but this competition is more about setting PR's. It'll rank me worldwide in my weight division. (Under 198 pounds/90 kg)

Won my first competition in May, won my second comp. in August, can I do it again in October?

The competition is two lifts, 3 attempts each.

1) Max Log Press - Video of me pressing a log as an example

2) Max Wagon Wheel Deadlift - (No Video on file. It's basically a deadlift that starts at a higher position because of some "wagon wheel" attachments that bring the bar higher off the ground. Uses less legs and is mostly a back pull)


Make weight at 197 on the 22nd.

Press 250 pounds

Deadlift 600 pounds

Have fun, don't get injured

Make smart decisions that lead me to a first place trophy if possible. (For example, I rather fail to reach the 600 deadlift if 580 would have me win the competition. Forget about my pride, take the 580 for the win and save the 600 for another day. On the other side of things, if I'm not going to win no matter what I lift, I'm just going to go for the personal records and have fun!)

I do have a chance to win though as it's a pretty small showing. There are 4 weight classes across both men and women. (8 classes total) This local venue only has 35 people signed up. If they were evened out that would be 4-5 in each class. Including me, that means I have 3-4 competitors to worry about!


I hit a 250 log press in training, but couldn't get the down command because my legs wouldn't stop wobbling. I think I can hit it on the day of. After my 2nd attempt at a lower weight I'll judge how I feel and then move it down if I'm not feeling it.

I hit 590 on the deadlift after a very long training day. I could have potentially done 600, but decided to save it for comp day.

If I hit my 250/600 goals I would have placed in the top 38 worldwide last year. Which is kind of cool to be in the top 50 of anything in the world! That was also during the first outbreak of Covid and also this event takes place a week after the national championships. I know because of that there are some really strong people not showing up so I remain humble that I'm not truly ranked that. Still cool nonetheless.)


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I'll do basically anything for a couple of dollars. Need some writing work, transcribing, voice acting, database related work, reviews, etc.., etc... shirtless pictures, etc.. etc.. nudes... etc.. etc... etc..

You name the tasks and the price you want to pay. I'll probably say yes as long as it's something I can do.

2019 sale - Shirtless pictures of me flexing: $1.05 each.