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1st Strongman Competition!

Posted by Fro - January 22nd, 2021

I've entered my first strongman competition coming up in May. At my weight class I get to go in as a lightweight. (whew!) Also because it's my first time I get put into the novice class with other first time competitors. (whew!)

So I'll get the formalities done with... If you'd like to help donate to me so I can compete and keep competing I set up a donation page here:


Just an example of the cost, Per meet $100, Annual Membership $77, Travel and gas for training up to May $100, equipment still required $100. As you can see I'll be about $400 into the first competition and while some of the costs (equipment and annual membership) aren't as common of a cost, the entry fee and travel expense will always be there. I can assume each competition will be $200 average. If I have to travel farther, which I will for some, add in hotel, food, and additional gas. So yeah, even if it's $3 you'll be helping me out greatly! I would appreciate it.

If you're a website or gaming company send me a donation and a t-shirt. I'll rep your company while I'm lifting! Hell, can you imagine a Newgrounds t-shirt!

The events:

Conan Wheel:

Atlas Stone:

Log Press:

Car Deadlift:

I've had the opportunity to practice all of the lifts that I'll be competing with in my weight class except for the Conan Wheel. Luckily I was able to complete all of the weights successfully for multiple reps. We get 60 seconds to do as many reps as possible at the set weight for each event.

Again, if you could donate to help pay for my first competition you would open up the opportunity to keep going. Thank you!



Comments (5)

Right on! I just donated.
@TomFulp is there any way you could send him a shirt or mention this in your next newspost?
I'd love to see a newgrounds shirt on the winner!

All hail the church of newgrounds. Fulp be with us all.

Okay. But I’m broke. Do I have to lend in my kidney?

No donation required. Just return when I post the videos of me competing and tell me how strong I look!

Interesting, I've always written that as 'phew', but 'whew', is that mayhaps the most conventional way of spelling it?

Regarding the competition man this is awesome. :D And that NG T-shirt sponsorship thing really was a sponsorship for real!!! Can't wait to see this go down for real. May the discipline be strong till then! Staying tuned to witness a show of (if naught else promotional) power like no other.

It probably is phew!

I'm so excited, I never expected to raise both the cost of the contest and the cost of my annual membership fee. I set up an additional goal now. (I need $102 worth of required equipment to compete)

I thought I was going to have to wait before I ordered it, but looks like I'll be able to buy it and train with it in advance with everyone's help!


Community unity is pretty awesome indeed. :) Tough economic times in aftermath of the fires earlier I guess? Was skimming through your older posts and man you went through a lot last year, just that ring would've been enough...

Feeling that donation peer pressure a bit here but hope maybe some richer peeps stop by in a bit. ;) Don't want to seem like a cheapskate but just attempting to save a little for bigger things, shall check in later though! Maybe the papers roll!

I'm doing ok financially now. There is a large list of "I need to pay for" things that prioritize strongman. (A new ring, car needs repairs, etc..) I was a little afraid that I might not do this for myself unless I had a little push to do so. Now I have no excuse, fee's are already paid and I'm ready to roll.

It could be a huge difference though from being able to do 1 competition this year or doing 2-3. Don't worry about donating, I'm more than ecstatic for what was already raised. (but also go ahead if you want to haha)

Fro, You're stronger than the hulk. You got this man.

I just hope that I'm stronger than the other guys in my weightclass. But I'll take Hulk as well!