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Posted by Fro - 2 weeks ago

This is a post to help me organize my thoughts and training a bit.

And also to literally beg you for money. I'm going to probably spend a solid $2,000 or more on competitions this year lol

February 19th Competition - Unleash the Beast

Events: Max Log Press (3 attempts) EDIT* It's actually unlimited attempts, I'll find a weight to come in at that I'm certain to hit.

  • Opens at 180 pounds, weights jumps by 20 pounds. Depending on what I find in training, I'll probably attempt 220, 240, and 260. This may get me in the top 3. If I find that I'm hitting 260 100% of the time in training then I'll do 240, 260, and attempt a 280.

Training: Added an extra day at the end of the week for extra log practice.

Max Double Overhand Axle Bar Deadlift (3 attempts) EDIT* It's actually unlimited attempts, I'll find a weight to come in at that I'm certain to hit.

  • Opens at 200 pounds, weights jump by 20 pounds. This is a lot harder than it seems. Whatever you can do on a normal deadlift, divide that by 2. This isn't a back or leg test, this is a grip/forearm test. The bar is THICK, twice the size of a normal bar. It's humbling. I'm also bad at it and one of the contenders holds the United States title for the nations strongest hands. Expecting to place near the bottom.

Training: Added grip to the end of my training days. I needed to do this years ago, it won't be enough time to do enough good in the comp, but it's time to start now nonetheless.

Tombstone Carry to Dinnie Ring Carry

  • Tombstone weighs 250, one dinnie ring is 260 pounds and the other is 200 pounds. Grab the tombstone from the ground, carry 20 feet, put down. Pick up dinnie rings (one in each hand, awkward because of the weight difference, but also one is longer than the other) Carry back 20 feet.

  • Thinking I should do ok. Hoping for top 3 entry.

Training: Have to make a special trip to get a hold of the implements. Takes 2 hours of travel. Wish I had better access. I could get my one set up for about $150.

Yoke Walk to Sandbag Over Yoke

  • Pick up 600 pound yoke, walk it 50 feet, sprint back 50 feet, pick up 200 pound sandbag, run it back 50 feet, put it over the yoke.

  • Goal: WIN THIS BABY, I am speed

Training: General high intensity conditioning. Heavy squats.

Atlas Stone over Bar (60 seconds)

  • Pick up 250 pound stone, put it over the 4 foot bar, it gets rolled back, repeat until death.

  • Hoping for top 3

Training: Special trip, could get my own set up for about $300. Not worth it, but the rest of my training should make me "ok" at this.

April Comp - Date TBD - Events TBD


May Comp - CJay Classic

A fun small comp, not sanctioned by the strongman corporation.

Max axle press from the rack (3 attempts)

  • Unlike most pressing events that come from the floor, I'll be able to pull this from the rack. No rules other than it gets pressed above your head.

Training: Will just switch all of my pressing that isn't with the log to the axle now. Small change just to get use to the thick bar. Shouldn't change anything.

Log Clean and then press away (175 pounds)

  • Clean the log from the ground one time, then press in any fashion for as many reps as possible. I should get a lot of these.

Training: Current training will do this just fine.

Keg carry and press (80 pounds, press every 25 feet)

  • Carry a keg, for what I assume is for 60 seconds, press it above head every 25 feet, keep carrying till time is up.

Training: Normal training and conditioning will be good enough. If I can get my hand on a keg that would be amazing.

June 26th Competition - Wrath of the Strongest

Max Circus Dumbbell (3 attempts, 10 pound jumps)

  • I have no clue what I can do on this. I've easily pressed 100 pound dumbbells above my head, but as the name suggests this thing is comically large, thick handled, etc... I just need to get my hand on one so I can play around with it.

Training: No good way to train, would cost $300+ for my own. This will be a special trip item.

Flag Hoist

  • I have no clue what the weights will be or if it even matters.

Training: ???

It looks horrible lol

Natural Stone Carry and Load

  • No clues about weight, shape, or anything really.

Training: I'll have to just find heavy stones and log in the woods in my back and carry them around. Unlike an atlas stone, these aren't round. No good way to train specifically.

Axle Deadlift for reps in 60 seconds (450 pounds)

  • Well... we aren't allowed to strap ourselves to the bar. Unlike the Feb. Comp, I can use a mixed grip on the bar, which I've done 405 in training. I have a lot of room to grow.

Training: Current grip training will help tremendously. As soon as the Feb. Comp is over, my deadlift reps will start to be done on the axle bar without straps. The extra day of pressing will turn into an extra day of deadlifts.


Sandbag to shoulder series (175, 200, 230, 250, 275 pounds)

  • I have access to some sandbags. I've only ever shouldered a 200 pound bag, but that was very easy.

Training: Shoulder bags that I have access to. (150 and 200) Try to find ways to get access to other bags.

July Comp - Regional Championships - TBD

They've implemented a new level of competition. It use to be that you would win an invite to the national championship if you won a contest. Now I believe you get invited to the Regional Championship and the top so many from each region get invited to the national championship.

I don't have to do this because I'm already grandfathered into the national championship this year, but if this is the way of the future I might as well sign up for it. (This year they're just taking sign ups???) Either way, more experience at a higher level is only a good thing.

October Comp - Static Monsters

Max log press 3 attempts - My attempts TBD

Max axle log deadlift 3 attempts - My attempts TBD

As soon as the other comps clear up, I will have days specific to these 2 events. The deadlift I can be strapped to and gets pulled from a slightly higher height. I pulled a decently easy 600 last October and would be ecstatic if I could pull 700 this year.

October Comp - National Championships

Location unknown, events unknown, goals are not to take last!




Our savior fro is at it again.