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I lift a car and a log

Posted by Fro - March 5th, 2021

Doing some training for upcoming competitions that you can read about and donate to here:


I deadlift a car: (heavy)

I lift a log: (210 pounds)

Simple, but complex lifts for a simple, but complex man.


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ur strong fro. damn.

Powerlifting ftw. Keep those shoulders in the back pockets for that car, man, don't think you'll get hurt like I did, but I don't want you to. Keep at it :)

What I've learned about strongman is that you have to take 90% of what you've learned about powerlifting and throw it out the door. The other 10% is still super useful.

I'm like, how the fuck am I supposed to pick up this stone without hunching my back over. The secret is, you have to hunch your back over just like you were told is bad in normal weight lifting events. What do you mean I'm supposed to lean back on this press? I'm told you should stay neutral spine'd. (Until you get a foot of metal log shoved in your face and you find out why)

The car deadlift is super interesting because once you get the car moving it's actually pretty light with the bounce and suspension. If I had to give an estimation, it feels like 500 pounds, then 350 when you're using the momentum) I've always been taught to not jerk the bar when deadlifting, but to do the total opposite on the car deadlift because of the way the suspension works, etc... Plus you get the tires bouncing and stuff.

Luckily the guys training me are professionals. Athletes who have competed at the national levels and above. They've drilled me with the proper strongman form so hopefully everything they have been teaching me is helpful in reducing injuries for the long run as they've been doing it for 10-30 years now.

@Fro That's super interesting. I'd love to see preparation and training videos on this. Currently I'm nursing a shoulder injury, unrelated to lifting, but lifting a car is on my bucket list :D

I'd say if you can deadlift somewhere between 400 and 500 then a car should move pretty decently.

That being said, it's still a very taxing event. I'm hoping to win the first event so I get to go last on the 2nd event (the car deadlift). I feel I could pop out a solid 20 in the 60 seconds if I had to, but if I only have to do 5-15 to take first I definitely want to know. There's two events following and they're two of my weaker events so I'll need the energy.

Luckily the first event is a log press with a weight that's 70 pounds lower than what I can currently do on the log. I should be able to speed through those reps for close to first, if not first.

Fro is strong as FUCK

@Fro Ooh, I've got a ways to go then. 360 is the most I've done on a deadlift, and that was a straight bar. I've heard of one woman who managed to flip a car but she injured herself. Please tell me you're going to have the missus film this and do a vlog or something. Sounds like a blast!

very strong guy

Wow! Fro is again an moderator :D