Pyroscape 4 News

2017-10-11 22:40:54 by Fro

Check out the Pyroscape 4 trailer video. I can't give an accurate release date yet, but I'm told by the programmer that the game should be done before the end of the world. That's great news because that's probably going to be soon!


What's Pyroscape? Play the first 3 games, get some medals and slam your head against whatever hard object may be near you. You're going to love them! (The games can be found in my games) The series is a live action video, mixed with minigames. This will be the last one in the series.


@MonoFlauta - The Programmer has produced a great game that you can check out on Steam. Here's a link to his news post about it. I highly recommend checking it out.





Animation, game, art, or audio. Post it here and I'll review it sometime in the next couple of weeks. It's one of my favorite newgrounds holidays where things don't need to make sense, they just need to be mad.

Do you want $100?

2017-08-29 18:41:27 by Fro

Simply write me a story. Scare me, frighten me, creep me out.... Bring your best Halloween story and enter it in the competition. Tom has decided to pay $100 as a reward to the best Halloween story. (view post here) I look forward to reading your entries! - Story Thread - Discussion/Comments Thread

It's been a long time

2017-08-10 17:18:35 by Fro

I don't know what made me think about checking my newgrounds account, but it's definetely been a long time since I've done anything on the site. I'd like to come back and do things every now and then. A lot has changed since the last time I've ventured the grounds of new.

I recently moved from Penssylvania to California and have started a position at a University scheduling and planning the maintance around the University. It's a little different than my management position that I had come from prior, but it pays more, has better hours, and there's less work involved. Of course that leaves me completed with a week's worth of work by Wednesday with little to nothing to do. (ah yes, now I remember why I'm visiting)

I'd like to start writing again and posting to the writing forum. Perhaps games and movies are in the future? I don't know, I don't think I have the desire to do that anymore.

Pyroscape 4 Trailer

2016-12-02 22:45:23 by Fro

Two weeks ago I mentioned that we started up production of Pyroscape 4, the sequel to the sequel to the sequel that should have never been made of the game that should have never been made that entertained thousands. Check out the trailer and check out the first three games on my list of games if you've never seen them. Check out the channel while you're watching the video and subscribe. We are starting a little channel for pun video and comedic skits.


Pyroscape 4

2016-11-14 11:05:14 by Fro

It's been a long four years since the last Pyroscape game has been produced. This Wednesday we will be shooting scenes for a series ending game. Pyroscape 4: The aftermath!

To the fans to the first three games I hope you come out in support for the fourth one and to those who haven't played the first three go ahead and check them out. Follow Fro and Nick in one last predictable, mediocre adventure! Updates to come.


Pyroscape 4

2015-04-22 19:01:28 by Fro

Would you like to see Pyroscape 4 made? Let me know what you think. If you haven't played the series go get some easier medals and form an opinion. May just be a good excuse for me to drink beer and take a day off of work.

Having a Baby Girl

2013-06-24 09:57:32 by Fro

I've been extremely busy in my life recently. I use to come to this site every day, but I simply don't have time for it anymore. Full time job, house to keep up, and probably any day now my beautiful baby girl is going to be born. I think I will find some time though because all work and no play.... Well you know..

Having a Baby Girl

Mwc11 Jan/Feb - Results

2011-12-14 13:00:19 by Fro

Some people won store credit in a writing competition that was held here on newgrounds. I think they all deserve a congratulations. The competition was writers taking audio from the newgrounds audio portal and turning it into a story that could be animated or simply write the story that came to mind when listening to the audio. 85017

Feel free to jump in, listen to the songs, and say congratulations to the writers. What do you think I should get with the store credit that I won?

There's what I have already. Since there isn't the two knights that I don't have I think I'll get a Reincarnation Demon and a Castle Crashers King.

I'm going to try and write a book

2011-11-16 14:10:22 by Fro

I'm going to attempt and write a book. It's a goal that I've always wanted to accomplish and I feel that I'm at the right part of my life to do it. I'm going to try and set up a kickstarter to raise some funds just in case I need to take some days off of work. I don't have the proper supplies to start writing and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here's to hoping that things turn out well!

I could use some help other than money as well though. If someone is interested in helping create the covering of my book I would greatly appreciate it. Being able to see my ideas as a piece of art would be highly motivating and it would help put this project in the right direction.


BinaryDood has agreed to do the cover art for my book!

SuperSteph54 has agreed to be my editor!

Kickstarter has accepted my proposal to run a fundraiser!

Coming soon:

Kickstarter page with full details about my project